Property Casualty Insurers Association of America

Information Offerings
PCI has information to help members stay abreast of changing advocacy issues, state and federal laws and regulations, new trends and research. PCI information is available to PCI member companies as a member benefit.

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Accident Prevention Compliance for Insurers - Contains the full-text and summary charts of safety-related statutes and regulations affecting insurance companies in every state. It also includes contact information on agencies responsible for implementing safety programs and requirements.

Accounting Bulletin - New laws and regulations, legislative and regulatory proposals, as well as judicial activity affecting financial and accounting issues are covered in this publication. You will also receive information about the meetings of the PCI Financial Issues Committee and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) activity.

Actuarial Bulletin - Keep pace with legislative and regulatory developments affecting actuarial issues.

Adopted Regulation Bulletin - Efficiently manage your compliance requirements with summaries and reports on adopted rules or regulations, notices, commissioners' orders and other regulatory directives affecting your business.

Agents Licensing Compliance Guide - This collection of charts outlines agent licensing laws and regulations for every state. These charts focus on topics such as agent background checks, agent contract termination, agent, broker and producer laws, and criminal background checks for agents. The charts are updated annually with new law changes from each year's state legislative sessions and regulations as promulgated the previous year. Published: Annually

Automobile Accident Reparations Laws and Regulations - Includes the full-text of statutes and regulations related to no-fault automobile insurance laws in every state. Published: Annually

Automobile Insurance Laws and Enforcement Procedures Guide - A quick-reference manual with state-specific information about all states' compulsory or financial responsibility auto insurance laws, including the scope of laws, minimum policy limits and requirements for proof of coverage. Published: Annually

Automobile Physical Damage Compliance Guide - This compliance guide is a collection of recently updated charts on automobile physical damage laws and regulations in each state. The guide is updated annually to include topics such as aftermarket parts, diminution of value, repair and glass shop steering and salvage laws.


Cancellation and Nonrenewal Compliance Guide - Laws and regulations governing policy cancellation and nonrenewal for every state are listed in this collection of charts. These charts focus on cancellation and nonrenewal regarding the applicability to lienholders, automobile policies and workers compensation. Published: Annually

CEO Alerts - Periodic messages from PCI President and CEO David Sampson on legislative, regulatory or legal developments affecting a broad spectrum of PCI members. Published: as needed.

CEO Bulletin - Contains vital information about current or emerging national, regional or state issues that are of immediate concern to top management.

Claims and Unfair Claims Handling Laws and Regulations - Contains the full text of statutes and regulations relevant to claims and unfair claims handling and serves as a reference tool to enhance member research needs. Published: Annually

Claims Bulletin - Covers claims-related legislative and regulatory developments, current issues and information about the meetings and activities of the PCI Claims Committee.

Claims Handling and Unfair Practices Compliance Guide - This set of charts offers a complete listing of the laws and regulations on claims handling and unfair claims practices for every state. The charts cover a range of topics such as notice to claimants, settlement of claims of minors, statutes of limitations, unfair claims settlement practices and provision of loss information. Published: Annually

Commercial Automobile Insurance Bulletin - Keep pace with the latest developments affecting commercial automobile insurance with this publication. This bulletin features trends, legislative and regulatory activity as well as information about the PCI Commercial Automobile Insurance Committee.

CompliAssistTM - A series of online tools offered by PCI to help you navigate the industry's complex regulatory environment. The first in the series is the new large commercial risk exemptions tool. This Excel file can be accessed through the PCI website or downloaded to your computer and features summary charts, full text of laws and regulations and forms in a fillable format.. Members can create custom reports by state or topic and can sign up to receive quarterly alerts via email or flash drive when the data is updated.

Daily Digest - Sign up for this daily email that give summaries and links to the full text of publications posted the previous day. If you are interested in the content of many publications, consider the Daily Digest as your publication of choice. Customization by jurisdiction and lines of business is available.

Dodd-Frank Act Implementation Watch - Highlights important legislative developments involving PCI's work to advocate for Dodd-Frank Act implementation that benefits member insurance companies and policyholders.

Enacted Law Bulletin - Each Enacted Law Bulletin contains a thorough analysis of an enacted law that impacts compliance and company operations and includes full text of the bill text.

Fast Track Plus TM - Provides countrywide quarterly frequency, severity, loss cost and loss ratio trend data for private passenger automobile and homeowners. State-specific, customized regional reports and commercial lines Fast Track reports can be purchased from PCI's subsidiary, Independent Statistical Service, Inc., (ISS) by calling 847-553-3758. Published: Quarterly

Federal Bulletin - Congressional actions, developments within federal agencies and significant court decisions that impact the property casualty industry are reported in this publication.

Federal Update - This biweekly e-news brief examines the intersection of policy and politics and reports on important upcoming political and policy events. In addition, the newsletter will track progress on PCI’s top federal legislative and regulatory priorities and provide updates on polling and key House and Senate races.

Financial Operating Results - Contains 11 data elements, summarizes the financial operating results of approximately 95 percent of the property casualty industry. The FOR report includes quantitative data categorized by individual company and company group. Published: Quarterly

Financial Operating Results - Expanded - This expanded version of FOR contains 32 data elements. Available via electronic delivery only. Published: Quarterly

General Liability Insurance Bulletin - Covers current trends and issues affecting general liability insurance and information about the activities of the PCI Liability Insurance Committee.

Greenbook - This handy reference tool is a must have for anyone who needs statistical information on the property casualty insurance industry. The Greenbook is a compilation of various property casualty insurance statistics, including operating results, premiums, losses and expenses, and miscellaneous auto and crime data in Excel files to download and manipulate. Some tables pertain to individual states and individual product lines, others to the United States and to the entire industry. Published: Annually

HR Practices and Employee Benefits Study - conducted with Ward Inc. to identify employee benefit offerings in the property/casualty insurance industry and other typical employment practices, such as pension plans and flex-time. Information is gathered through a biennial survey of companies. Due to its confidential nature, the study results are distributed to participants only and are not available on the PCI Website. Non-participants can purchase the results. To order this publication, contact the PCI Human Resources Department, Published: Even years

Human Resources Bulletin - Stay on top of recent developments in equal employment opportunity and labor law as well as other current human resources topics with this publication. Court cases are discussed, noting the background, significance and impact of the decisions. In addition, it provides notice of upcoming meetings of the PCI Human Resources Committee.

Individual State Profiles - Identifies the factual and financial information on the regulation and business operation of personal automobile, commercial automobile, homeowners insurance and workers compensation in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Market shares for the top 15 writers of each of seven lines of business, plus total property/casualty lines combined are also included in the general section. Published: Annually

Insurance Compensation Survey - conducted with Towers Watson to report on more than 60 benchmark jobs in the property/casualty insurance industry, including countrywide, regional and city data. Includes the executive compensation data for the compensation levels of the industry's top 25 executive positions. Due to its confidential nature, the survey results are distributed to participants only and the executive compensation results are distributed only to the chief executive officer. ICS survey results and are not available on the PCI Website. For pricing information or to order, contact the PCI Human Resources Department, Published: Annually

Insurance Fraud Compliance Guide - Laws, regulations and state attorney general opinions related to insurance fraud for every state are provided in this set of charts. The charts provide information regarding fraud bureaus, fraud provisions, including workers compensation, and fraud warnings requirements. Published: Annually

International Bulletin - Reports on international accounting standards, international solvency standards and the relationships between U.S. and international regulators, the European Union's Solvency II project, NAFTA trucking issues and others.

Investment Bulletin - Updates on legislative and regulatory activity important to investment officers and financial staff are included in this bulletin. You will also receive information about the meetings of the PCI Financial Issues Committee.



Legal and Government Affairs Bulletin - Keep in touch with the most significant legal and legislative developments affecting the property casualty insurance industry and the activities of the PCI Legal and Government Affairs Committee through this publication.

Legislative Tracking Report - Reports throughout the year on PCI tracked legislation that can be customized by state and topic. A brief summary of each bill is provided along with its status in the legislative process and links to the bill text.

Legislative Session Information - Critical information regarding the convening and adjournment dates of state legislatures along with the political composition of each state house, the effective dates of legislation and other useful facts are contained in this handy chart. It also includes a state session map, introduced and crossover dates. Published: Website only; updated regularly during sessions.

Legislative Preview - Introduces the state legislative session's convene date, anticipated issues and priority bills that have been prefiled and are likely to be introduced into the legislature. Includes issue analysis, bill number if available and links to early bill text in preparation for legislative tracking.

Legislative Wrap-Up - Summarizes the legislative actions of the state legislature, gives an overview of how major issues were handled and discusses the political ramifications of enacted or defeated bills. Discusses PCI's advocacy efforts to support or oppose legislation of importance to member companies.

Litigation Bulletin - PCI staff closely monitors federal and state court decisions that impact the property casualty industry. These bulletins provide you with a summary and analysis of significant decisions that could affect your company.

Loss Control Bulletin - Safety and health issues affecting loss control are reported in this publication, which also reports on the meetings and activities of the PCI Loss Control Committee.


NAIC Bulletin - A resource for PCI members who want to stay current with breaking news regarding the National Association of Insurance Commissioners' activity. It covers activity that occurs between quarterly NAIC meetings.

NCOIL Bulletin - Reports on issues affecting the property casualty industry and the latest meetings, activities and programs of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators (NCOIL), the key association of state legislators.

New Law Alert - Informs members of new state laws enacted across the country during the previous week and can be customized by state and topic. This publication includes a synopsis of the law, bill number, date enacted, effective date, and links to the bill text. Published: Weekly


PCI Political Newswire - Interviews with insurers and legislative leaders, opinion pieces and stories, and information on elections focusing on the most recent developments on the advocacy front are featured in this newsletter. Published: Quarterly

Personal Automobile Insurance Bulletin - Reports on personal automobile insurance issues. In addition, the meeting announcements and minutes of the PCI Auto Committee are found here.

Professional Liability Insurance Bulletin - Keeps PCI members abreast of emerging liability trends and significant events affecting medical liability, directors and officers, insurance agents' errors and omissions, employment practices, accountants, and other professional liability lines. The bulletins also follow the activities of the PCI Liability Committee. Published: As needed

Property Insurance Bulletin - Reports on trends and legislative and regulatory developments affecting property insurance. This bulletin also highlights the activities of the PCI Property Insurance Committee. Published: As needed

Proposed Regulation Bulletin - Reports on upcoming hearings and proposals issued by state insurance departments and workers compensation agencies. Published: As needed


Records Retention Requirements Laws and Regulations - Contains full-text and summary charts for every state listing statutes and regulations pertaining to the general corporate and insurance-specific requirements for record and file retention or destruction. Published: Every other year

Regulatory Tracking Report - Identifies PCI tracked, proposed and adopted regulations in reports that can be customized by state and topic. Includes a brief summary of the regulatory item, citation, status, hearing, comment dates and links to the regulation text.

Reinsurance Bulletin - Covers issues including accident year experience; aggregates/aggregate limits; alien and admitted reinsurers; arbitration; facultative reinsurance, loss portfolio transfer, probable maximum loss, cut through endorsement and other topics relating to reinsurance that are important to member companies.

Research Bulletin - Provides a review of public policy research on all issues (except workers compensation), including research reports on residual markets, insolvencies and guaranty fund assessment patterns as well as vital automobile insurance issues from the Insurance Research Council, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and Highway Loss Data Institute.

Service Contract Reimbursement Bulletin - The latest legislative and regulatory developments and business issues affecting service contract writers are reviewed in this bulletin. In addition, it keeps you informed about the meetings and activities of the PCI Service Contract Committee.

Solvency Bulletin - Issues concerning insolvency of insurers, including liquidations, conservatorships, rehabilitations and guaranty funds are addressed in this publication.

State Capital Bulletin - PCI's lobbyists use the State Capital Bulletin to inform you of regulatory and political developments that matter to your business and major bills as they progress through the legislature.

State Compliance Charts - These charts specify if a state has a statute pertaining to a particular topic, cite the statute and give a brief description. At the request of our members, we will perform customized research projects that compile this comprehensive information from every state. Published: Updated annually

State Filing Guide - The rate, rule and form requirements for every state are outlined in this publication. It includes filing laws, regulations, policies and procedures, required forms, deadlines, contact names in each state insurance department and other necessary filing information. Published: Annually

State Insurance Department Directory - Helps member companies communicate with state insurance departments. The names, addresses, telephone and fax numbers of every state insurance department are provided. It includes profiles of each insurance commissioner and provides individual contact information for key officials who can help you with inquiries related to licensing, filing (rates and forms, charter papers, annual statements, surplus lines, etc.) and issues related to specific lines of business. Published: Annually

State Tax Guide - Turn to this state-by-state compilation for premium tax and other insurance tax information. It also contains a brief summary of significant state tax developments during the previous year that affect property casualty insurers. Published: Annually

Surplus Lines Insurance Bulletin - New laws or regulations, legislative and regulatory proposals affecting surplus lines writers are covered in this publication. You also will receive information about the PCI Surplus Lines Committee.

Tax Bulletin - You'll learn about state and federal legislative or regulatory proposals, new laws or regulations, pending litigation or court decisions as well as the activity of the PCI Financial Issues Committee through this bulletin.

Terrorism Insurance Watch - Stay abreast of issues related to the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act and the TRIA 2014 renewal developments.

Tools for a Corporate Compliance Plan - The essential components of a corporate compliance plan are provided. Examples of corporate risk assessment are presented along with preliminary research on substantive areas of the law.

Underwriting Watch - Highlights important legislative developments involving PCI's efforts to defeat practices that threaten fair underwriting.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Case Law Analysis and Comment - Court decisions on uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage are summarized and analysis is given on the impact of the rulings for every state. Published: Every other year

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage Laws and Regulations - Includes the full-text and summary charts of state laws and regulations pertaining to uninsured/underinsured coverage for every state. Published: Annually


Weekly Digest - Stay on top of state and federal legislative, regulatory and political activity through the Weekly Digest. This publication provides timely information from around the country, which is condensed into "bite-sized" reports.

Workers Compensation Compliance Charts - Summarizes major provisions of workers compensation state laws is provided in an easy-to-use chart and table format. Includes topics such as waiting period for benefits; temporary total disability benefits; death benefits; burial allowances; second injury funds and more. Published: Annually

Workers Compensation Insurance Bulletin - The latest regulatory and legislative developments affecting workers compensation are reported in this bulletin. In addition, it features important trends, litigation and research that affect workers compensation insurance and information about the PCI Workers Compensation Committee.